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11 Peter- life change seriesNavagators
2103 Questions Children Ask aboutJosh McDowellyouth
31-2-3 Magic: Effective Discipline for Children 2-12Thomas W. Phelan, Ph.D.youth
43 in 1 – The Treasure Principle, Right With God, & Certain Peace in Uncertain TimesAlcorn, Mehl & Dobsonchristian living
53:16 The Numbers of HopeMax Lucadochristian living
640 Days of PrayerWarrenprayer
740 Object sermons for ChildrenJoe Trullteaching
890 Minutes in  Heaven: A True Story of Death and LifeDon Piper with Cecil MurpheyHeaven
9A Call to JoyBillie Hanks, Jr.christian living
10A Guide to Spiritual Success: The Victorious Christian LifeDr. Tony Evanschristian living
11A Heart Like His: Intimate reflections on the life of DavidBeth Mooredevotional
12A Hunger for The Holy: Nurturing Intimacy with ChristCalvin Millerfellowship with God
13A Life of Integrity: 13 Outstanding Leaders Raise the Standard for Today’s Christian MenHoward Hendrickschristian living
14A Love Worth GivingMax Lucadochristian living
15A Shepherd looks at Psalm 23Kellerbible study
16A Simple PathMother Teresachristian living
17A Students Dictionarydictionary
18A Survey of Bible DoctrineCharles Ryrietheology
19A Survey of Old Testament TeachingJ. Wash WattsBible study
20A Survey of the Old TestamentHill and Waltonbible study
21A Testament of DevotionThomas Kelly
22A to Z Bible TriviaPaul Kentbible trivia
23A Treasury of Christmas MiraclesKaren KingsburyChristian Novel
24A Treasury of Prayer: Compiled by Leonard RavenhillE. M. Boundsprayer
25A Woman After God’s Own HeartElizabeth Georgechristian living
26A Woman Rides the BeastDavid Huntprophecy
27Above AllBrennan Manningchristian living
28Activity Guide-Awana teenyouth
29Acts: for small groupsKenneth Gangelbible study
30After Every Wedding Comes a MarriageFlorence & Fred Littauer
31All I Have Needed: A 40-Day Devotional JourneyElva Minette Martin
32All-Occasion object lessonsJoanne De Jongeteaching
33Amazing GraceAnita Bryant
34America Looks Up: Reaching Toward Heaven for Hope and HealingMax Lucado
35America Say JesusDavid Allbritton
36An Expository Dictionary of Biblical Words: Old and New TestamentVinebible study
37Analytical Concordance to the BibleRobert Youndconcordance
38And the Angels Were Silent: The Final Week of JesusMax Lucadobible study
39Anxious for Nothing: Finding Calm in a Chaotic WorldMax Lucadochristian living
40Are We Living in the End Times? Current Events Foretold in Scripture.. And What They MeanTim LaHaye & Jerry B. Jenkinsprophecy
41Basics of ChristianityJim Burnstheology
42Be a People Person: leadership through relationshipsMaxwellleadership
43Be Mature: Growing up in Christ/JamesWarren Wiersbebible study
44Be RealWarren Wiersbechristian living
45Becoming a Contagious ChristianBill Hybels & Mark Mittelbergchristian living
46Becoming God’s Special Woman: Developing Self-Worth His WayJo BerryHealing – emotions
47Beginning Spanishlanguage
48Between Heaven and HellPeter Kreeft
49Between SundaysKaren KingsburyChristian Novel
50Beyond Iraq: the next moveEvansProphecy
51Beyond Seduction: a return to biblical christianityHunttheology
52Bible  NKJVBible
53Bible Teaching Ideas: New Testamentbible study
54Bible Teaching Ideas: Old Testamentbible study
55Bible TruthOliver GreenBible doctrines
56Biblical EldershipStrauchleadership
57Biblical EldershipStrauchleadership
58Biblical Foundations for building disciplesdiscipleship
59Big DecisionsLinda Byler
60BlessingsKim Vogel Sawyer
61Book of ChristmasReader’s Digest
62Book of EphesiansMax Lucadobible study
63Book of James: Developing a Faith That Works – Six Lessons from James 1:1-2:20bible study
64Book of JohnMax Lucadobible study
65Book of LukeMax Lucadobible study
66Boundaries WorkbookDr. Henry Cloud & Dr. James Townsend
67Boundaries: When to Say Yes, When to Say No to Take Control of Your LifeDr. Henry Cloud & Dr. James Townsend
68Boundless LoveWomen Of Faith
69Breaking the Code: Understanding the Book of RevelationDr. Bruce M. MetzgerBible study
70Briefing: The Bible J. Vernon McGeebible study
71Bring it on 
72Building a Roadmap to Your Purposechristian living
73By Searching: my journey through doubt into faithIsobel Kuhn
74BygonesKim Vogel Sawyer
75Call Waiting: God’s invitation to youthMcSwain and Shurdenyouth
76Called to Greatness: Becoming a Lifeline for Those Who Need HopeRon Hutchcraftchristian living
77Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman’s SoulJohn & Stasi Eldredge
78Captured by GraceDr. David Jeremiahchristian living
79Carry-on: success in student ministryGibbons
80Change Your Words Change Your Life: Undestanding the Power of Every Word You SpeakJoyce Meyerchristian living
81Character counts: A guide for accountabiligy groupsRod Handleysmall groups
82Charts of Christian Theology and DoctrineHousetheology
83Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul: 101 Stories to Open the Heart and Rekindle the SpiritCanfield et. Al.
84Chicken Soup for the Couple’s SoulCanfield et. Al.
85Child of MineDavid & Beverly Lewis
86Christ at the Dinner TableLarry D. Rudder
87Christ Centered Preaching Bryan Chapellpreaching
88Christians in the Marketplace: making your faith work on the jobBill Hybelschristian living
89Christmas in Apple RidgeCindy Woodsmall
90Codpendent No More: How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring for YourselfMelody BeattieHealing – codependance
91Come before Winter and Share My HopeCharles Swindoll
92Come Thirsty: No Heart Too Dry for His TouchMax Lucado
93Confidet Parents Exceptional Teens: Creating a Teen-Friendly FamilyTed Haggard & John BolinFamily
94Connecting With Your HusbandGary Smalley  family
95Contagious Christianity: A Study of 1st ThessaloniansCharles Swindoll
96Contemporary object lessons for children’s churchLois Edstromteaching
97Conversion in the New Testament: Paul and the TwelvePeacebible study
98Cosmic ChristmasMax Lucado
99Counseling Youth HandbookJosh McDowellyouth, counseling
100Counseling Youth in Crisis Audio tapesJosh McDowellyouth, counseling
101Counseling Youth in Crisis manualJosh McDowellyouth, counseling
102Counselor, Teacher and Guide: A Study of the Holy SpiritHoly Spirit
103Cracking the Communication Code: Love for Her, Respect for HimDr. Emerson EggerichsFamily
104Cure for the Common Life: Living in Your Sweet SpotMax Lucadochristian living
105Dare to DisciplineDobsonFamily
106Darwin’s Black BoxMichael Behescience and religion
107Day by DayBilly Graham
108Defending Christian Liberty: GalatiansGangelbible study
109Developing The Leader Within YouJohn C. Maxwellleadership
110Devotions for Dating Couples: building a foundation for spiritual intimacyBen Young & Dr. Samuel Adamsdating
111Devotions for the Man in the MirrorPatrick Morleydevotional
112Diving Deep: experiencing Jesus through Spiritual DisciplinesAmy Simpsondiscipleship
113Do they Run When They See You Coming? Reaching unchurced teenagersMckeeEvangelism
114Don’t all Religions Lead to God?Garry Poolecomparative religions
115Don’t Check Your Brains at the DoorJosh McDowell
116Don’t Waste Your LifeJohn Piperchristian living
118Dropping Your Guard: The Value of Open RelationshipsCharles SwindollRelationships
119Easy to use Object LessonsSheryl Bruinsmateaching
120Ekklesia: rediscovering God’s design for the churchNelsonchristian living
121Elements of Bible StudyNevinbible study
122Elements of Bible Studybible study
123Emotional Intelligence 2.0Greaves
124Ephesians: Wholeness for a broken World, small groupLe Peaubible study
125Epistle to the RomansGreeneCommentary
126Evangelical Catechismtheology
127Evangelism is relationshipsevangelism
128Evangelism outside the Box RichardsonEvangelism
129Even Now/Ever AfterKaren KingsburyChristian Novel
130Every Young Man’s Battle Guide: weapons for the war against sexual temptationArterburnchristian living
131Everyday Object Lessons for youth groupsRobbinsteaching
132Experiencing GodBlackaby and KingDiscipleship
133Experiencing God: leader’s guideBlackaby and Kingchristian living
134Exploring Worship: A practical guide to praise and worshipBob Sorgeworship
135Extravagant GraceWomen Of Faith
136Facing Life’s Problems with God’s HopeLee Hough/Charles SwindollHope
137Facing the Muslim ChallengeJohn Gilchristreligions and cults
138Facing Your GiantsMax Lucadochristian living
139Faith and Fellowship: Lutheran Brethren theologyVarbergtheology
140Faith lessons on the Promised LandFamily Focusfaith
141Family Man: Dr. James Dobson BiographyDale Bussfamily
142Famiy Blessing: One Simple Act That Will Dramatically Change Your Family’s FutureRolf GarborgFamily
143Fast Facts on MormonismAnkerberg and Weldonreligions and cults
144Finding Common GroundTim DownsEvangelism
145Fingers Tell the Story: Fingerplays, Pantomimes and Libraries for the Very Youngyouth
146First Corinthians: A Faith Community CommentaryGraydon F. Snyderbible study
147First Steps: one on one discipleshipyouth 
148Flying Closer to the Flame: a passion for the Holy SpiritCharles Swindollchristian living
149Follow God reach your worldevangelism
150Fool-Proofing Your Life: How to Deal Effectively with the Impossible People in Your LifeJan Silviouschristian living
151Four Pillars of a Man’s Heart: Bringing Strength Into BalanceStu Weberchristian living
152Free To Be Me: A journey through fear to freedomBetty Robisonchristian living
153Fresh FaithJim Cymbalachristian living
154Fruit of the Spirit for small groupsHazel Offnerbible study
155Fun and Rowdy: games, songs, and activities for youth groupsyouth
156Galatians and EphesiansWilliam BarclayBible study
157Getting Students to show up: ideas for outreach eventsMckeeYouth Ministry
158Give Thanks with a Grateful HeartSongs 4 Worshipworship
159God Always Has a Plan B
160God Came NearMax Lucado
161God is Closer Than You Think: This Can be the Greatest Moment of Your Life Because This Moment is the Place Where You Can Meet GodJohn Ortberg
162God is in the Small Stuff and it all matters: Stop Worrying and Invite God into the Details of Your LifeBruce & Stan
163God Will Make a Way: What to do When You Don’t Know What to DoDr. Henry Cloud & Dr. James Townsendchristian living
164God’s Chosen Fast: A Spiritual and practical guide to fastingArthur Wallisfasting
165God’s Divine Appointments: Bringing Glory to Him through ThemDean C. Trunechristian living
166God’s Most Precious Jewels are Crystalized TearsBarbara Johnson
167God’s Promises for Womenpromises
168God’s Promises to a Woman’s Heartpromises
169Good News for Those Trying HarderAlan Kraft
170Good News New TestamentBible
171Grace for the MomentMax Lucadochristian living
172Great Women of the Bible: A Q&A BookGreek dictionary
173Greek-English Lexicon of the New TestamentJoseph ThayerGreek dictionary
174Greek-English New Testament (KJV/NIV)Bible
175Greek-English New Testament (KJV/TEV)Bible
176Group Generation: leadership and adult minsitryleadership
177Grow Minister and Lead book Allisonleadership
178Grow Minister and Lead book 2Allisonministry
179Growing Deep in the Christian Life: Returning to Our RootsCharles Swindollchristian living
180Growing Through DivorceJim SmokeDivorce
181Growing to be like Jesus: 6 small group sessions on discipleship youthFields and Eastmandiscipleship
182Growing Wise in Family LifeCharles Swindollfamily
183Habitudes: leadership habits and attitudesTim Elmoreleadership
184Hailey’s Bible Handbookbible study
185Handbook on the Historical Books (Old Testament)Hamiltonbible study
186Harper’s Bible CommentaryWilliam NeilBible study
187He Gave GiftsCharles Swindoll
188He Still Moves StonesMax Lucado
189Healing for Damaged EmotionsDavid A. SeamandsHealing – emotions
190Healing of Purpose: God’s Call to DiscipleshipJohn E. Biersdorfdiscipleship
191Heaven and Other SermonsOliver Greensermons
192Hidden ChristmasTimothy Kellersermons
193Holding on to your faith even… When God Doesn’t Make SenseDr. James Dobsonfamily
194Holy BibleBible
195Holy Bible – English Standard VersionBible
196Holy Bible – HCSBBible
197Holy Bible – KJVBible
198Holy Bible – NASBBible
199Holy Bible – NIVZondervanBible
200Holy Bible – NIVZondervanBible
201Holy Bible – NKJV – Max LucadoBible
202Holy Bible – Revised Standard VersionBible
203Holy Bible New – Revised Standard VersionBible
204Holy Bible NIVBible
205Holy Bible NIV – small and thinBible
206HomesickBart Millard (of Mercy Me)
207Honey for a Woman’s HeartGladys Hunt
208How Good is Good Enough?Andy Stanley
209How Should We then Live?Francis Schaefferchristian living
210How to be right with God, Yourself, and OthersWarren Wiersberelationships
211How To Listen To GodCharles StanleyHearing God
212How to Live for God in a Hostile World: Life Applications of 1 PeterJohn Bracamontesbible study
213How to Meditate God’s WordDennis Burkebible study
214How to Read the Bible for All its WorthFee and Stuartbible study
215If Only He Knew: Understanding Your WifeGary Smalleyfamily
216I’m Glad You Asked: In-depth answers to difficult questions about ChristianityKenneth Boa & Larry Moodytheology
217I’m Not Suffering from Insanity: I’m Enjoying Every Minute of It!Karen Scalf Linamenchristian living
218Improving Your ServeCharles SwindollMinistry
219In Every Pew Sits a Broken Heart: Hope for the HurtingRuth Grahamhealing
220In His StepsCharles M. Sheldonchristian living
221In His Steps: What Would Jesus DoChalres M Sheldonchristian living
222In Search of the Source: a first encounter with God’s WordAnderson and Moorebible study
223In the Eye of the Storm: A Day in the Life of JesusMax Lucadobible study
224In the Grip of Grace: He Will Love You ForeverMax Lucadochristian living
225In The Presence of My Enemies: A gripping account of the kidnapping of American missionaries and their year of terror in the Phillipine JungleGracia Burnham with DeanMerrillmissions
226Inside the Soul of a New Generation: evangelism reaching bustersCelek and Zanderevangelism
227Into the Depths of GodCalvin Millerchristian living
228Introduction to Biblical InterpretationBlumbergbible study
229It’s Not About MeMax Lucadochristian living
230James: Faith that works, small group studiesLe Peaubible study
231James: practical and authentic livingCharles Swindollchristian living
232Jerusalem CountdownJohn HageeProphecy
233Jesus Among Other GodsRavi Zachariasreligions and cults
234Jesus Christ Disciple Maker Bill HullDiscipleship
235Jesus: beginning the walkchristian living
236Jesus: beginning the walkchristian living
237JobFrancis I. Andersonbible study
238John-life change seriesNavagatorsbible study
239Journey Toward Holiness: A way of living for God’s nationAlan Kreiderchristian living
240Joyce MeyerEmotional Healing: Curing the Root Causes of Wrong Feelingshealing
241Judges and Ruth: Introductions and CommentariesArthur E. Cundall/Leon MorrisBible study
242Just for Mothers: The Chronicle of Motherhood in Heartwarming StoriesRobert Strandfamily
243Key to the Bible: Record of the Fulfillment – The New TestamentWilfrid J. Harrington, OPbible study
244Kids Stories  Seasonal and TopicalBetsy Larsonteaching
245Killing Giants, Pulling ThornsCharles Swindoll
246Kissed the Girls and Made Them Cry: why women lose when they give inLisa Beverefamily
247Know the Marks of CultsBreesereligions and cults
248Knowing GodJ.I. Packertheology
249Knowing God Intimately: Being as Clos to Him as You Want to BeJoyce Meyerchristian living
250L.O.V.E. Putting Your Love Styles to Work for YouDrs. Les & Leslie Parrottchristian living
251Laugh AgainCharles Swindollchristian living
252Leading Teens to Freedom in Christ: How to Win the Battle for our Young PeopleNiel T. Anderson & Rich Milleryouth
253Leap Over A Wall: Earthy Spirituality for Everyday ChristiansEugene H. Petersonchristian living
254Left BehindLaHaye and JenkinsProphecy
255Lessons with Max Lucado: A Glimpse of GloryMax Lucadobible study
256Lessons with Max Lucado: Embraced by GodMax Lucadobible study
257Let your Life Speak: listening for the voice of vocationPalmerministry
258Letters to the Seven ChurchesWilliam BarclayBible study
259Life is Tough But God Is FaithfulSheila Walshchristian living
260Life Lessons with Max Lucado: Book of ActsMax Lucadobible study
261Life on the EdgeJames Dobsonfamily
262Lindsell Study Bible (TLB)Bible  
263Living by the BookHendrickschristian living
264Living Letters: the paraphrased epistlesNew TestamentBible
265Living on the Ragged EdgeCharles Swindollchristian living
266Living Your Strengths: Discover Your God-Given Talents and Inspire Your CommunityWinseman, Clifton & Liesveldchristian living
267Loose that Man & Let Him Go!T.D. Jakes
268Lord, Where are You When Bad Things Happen?Kay Arthur
269Love as a Way of Life: Seven Keys to Transforming Every Aspect of Your LifeDr. Gary Chapmanchristian living
270Love for a Lifetime: Building a Marriage that Will go the DistanceDr. James Dobsonfamily
271Love Must Be ToughDobsonFamily
272Luke study guideWesle willisbible study
273Making Peace: overcomeing church conflictYperenchristian living
274Man of His Word New Testament – NIV – Promise Keepers New TestamentBible
275Meditations for the Satisfied Soul: thanksgivingdevotional
276Meet Jesus Christ: Discover the Purpose in His PassionClaude Kingtheology
277Men’s Ministry Leadership SeminarPromise Keepersleadership
278Ministry is relationshipsministry
279Moments for Marvelous MothersRobert J. Strandfamily
280Mormonism Mama and MeThelma Geerreligions and cults
281Moving Mountains: Praying with Passion, Confidence and AuthorityJohn Eldredgeprayer
282My Final Answer: Bible triviaPaul Kentbible trivia
283My Utmost for His HighestOswal ChambersDevotional
284New American Standard BibleBible
285New Bible Commentarybible study
286New Object Lessons for Children of all agesSheryl-Buinsmateaching
287New Testament – can’t read – blue, top shelfNelsonBible
288New Testament – Revised Standard VersionBible
289New Testament NIVBible
290New Testament: Billy Graham crusade editionsBible
291Next Door Savior: Near Enough to Touch, Strong Enough to TrustMax Lucado
292Nichol’s Pocket Bible EncyclopediaNichol’sbible study
293Object centered chidren’s sermonsBessteaching
294Object lessons for a yearDavid Claassenteaching
295Object Lessons for ChildrenLuther Crossteaching
296Object lessons for every occasionSheryl Bruinsmateaching
297Object Lessons from NatureSylvia Mattsonteaching
298Object lessons from special daysSheryl Bruinsmateaching
299Object: object lessons from pebbles and paper clipsJoanne De Jongeteaching
300On the Edge of Time: Preparing for the Crisis Ahead
301On the Way to Jesus: A Journey Through the BibleAlbert H Baylisbible study
302Ordering your Private WorldGordon MacDonald
303Our Great Salvation and Other SermonsOliver Greensermons
304Personality plus: understanding others by understanding yourselfFlorence Littauer
305Perspectives on the World Christian MovementWinter and Hawthorne
306Phillipians for small groupsDonald Bakerbible study
307Pocket Bible HandbookHenry HalleyBible study
308Pray and WatchBrowerprayer
309Prayer: an adventure with God for small groupsDavid Healeybible study
310Praying for Our MarriageFamily
311Praying the Lord’s Prayer for Spiritual BreakthroughElmer L. Townsprayer
312Psalms: prayers of the Heart for small groupsEugene Petersonprayer
313Purpose Driven Youth MinistryDoug Fieldsyouth
314Pursuing More of JesusAnne Graham Lotzchristian living
315Quest Study Bble (NIV)Bible
316Quiet Time: A Guide to Daily RenewalBill Smithdevotional
317Radical: taking back your faith from the American DreamPlattchristian living
318Real Christians DanceJohn Fisherchristian living
319Reasons Skeptics Should Consider ChristianityJosh McDowell & Don Stewartevangelism
320Recovering from Losses in LifeH. Norman Wrightchristian living
321Reduce Me to LoveJoyce Meyerchristian living
322Reign Down: Change Your Life Through the Gift of RepentanceWalt Kallestad & Shawn-Marie Colechristian living
323Remarriage after Divorce in Today’s Church: three viewsremarriage 
324Restore My Soul: A Grief CompanionLorraine Petersonhealing – grief
325Revolution in World MissionsYohannanmissions
326Riddle GigglesHokeJokes
327Right from Wrong: help youth make right choicesJosh McDowellyouth
328Risk: trusting God with everythingKenny Luckfaith
329Searching for the Truth: how Christianity compares to world religoinsreligions and cults
330Set the Trumpet to Thy Mouth – Hosea 8:1David Wilkerson
331Seven Promises of a Promise Keeperchristian living
332Shades of BlueKaren KingsburyChristian Novel
333Shaken: Discovering Your True Identity in the Midst of Life’s StormsTim Tebowchristian living
334Shaped by God’s Heart: missional churchesMilfred Minatreamissions
335She Who Laughs, Lasts!Women Of Faithchristian living
336Signs of Life New TestamentDavid JeremiahBible
337Sing a New Song: Songs and Activities for Young Children Ages 4-6youth
338Sing for Joy: Songs and Activities for Elementary Childrenyouth
339Six Dangerous Questions to transform your view of the WorldBorthwick
340Six Hours One FridayMax Lucadobible study
341So What’s the Difference? Comparison of Christianity with major relgions and cultsRidenourreligions and cults
342Sparkling Object Sermons for ChildrenC.W. Bessteaching
343Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian LifeWhitneyDiscipleship
344Spiritual Power for your FamilyBeverly LaHayeFamily
345Stand Strong in CollegeAlex McFarlandchristian living
346Sticky Teams: keeping your leadership and staff on the same pageLarry Osborneleadership
347Stories behing the Great Traditions of ChristmasAce Collins
348Story Sermons for ChildrenLuther Crossteaching
349Strength for the Coming Days: devotionaldevotional
350Strengths Finder 2.0Rath
351Strike the Original Match: rekindle your marriageCharles Swindollfamily
352Strongs Exhaustive Concordance of the BibleJames Strongconcordance
353Strong’s Exhaustive Concordnace of the BibleConcordance
354Student life Bible Gospel of John: NLTBible  
355Summer Hill Secrets 1Beverly Lewis
356Summer Hill Secrets 2Beverly Lewis
357Taking back your Faith from the American DreamDavid Platt
358Ten Tough Things: a bold plunge into the Christian Life: teensRick Lawrencestudy guide
359The 1980’s Countdown to ArmageddonHal LindseyProphecy
360The 5 Love LanguagesDr. Gary Chapmanfamily
361The Amplified New TestamentBible
362The Amplified Old Testament  Job-MalachiBible
363The Amplified Old Testament Genesis to EstherBible 
364The Analytical Greek LexiconGreek dictionary
365The Apostle: A Life of PaulJohn Pollockbible study
366The Atonement of ChristOliver Greentheology
367The Bible Knowledge Commentary: New TestamentWalvoord and Zuckbible study
368The Bible Knowledge Commentary: Old TestamentWalvoord and Zuckbible study
369The Bible Land: Walking Where Jesus WalkedBaxter, Hazelip, & Humblebible study
370The Bible Promise Book: Onen Thousand Promises from God’s Wordbible study
371The Bible Promises Book – New Live Versionbible study
372The Big Book of God’s Little Instructionsbible study
373The Body: being light in darknessCharles Colson
374The Book of Hopehopenet.net
375The Book of James study guidebible study
376The Book of Mormonreligions and cults
377The Book of Virtues: A Treasury of Great Moral StoriesWilliam J. Bennett
378The Case for a CreatorLee Strobelapologetics
379The Case for ChristLee Strobelapologetics
380The Case for EasterLee Strobelapologetics
381The Case for FaithLee Strobelapologetics
382The ChanceKaren KingsburyChristian Novel
383The Christian Life New TestamentBible
384The Confident Woman: Start Today Living Boldly and Without FearJoyce Meyerchristian living
385The Dawn of Christmas: A Romance from the Heart of Amish CountryCindy Woodsmall
386The Different Drum: Community Making and PeaceM. Scott Peck, M.D.
387The Disciple Making ChurchBill HullDiscipleship
388The Disciple Making PastorBill HullDiscipleship
389The Dream GiverBruce Wilkinson w/ David & Heather KoppDiscipleship
390The Emotionally Healthy Church: A Strategy for Discipleship that Actually Changes LivesPeter ScazzeroDiscipleship
391The End of the World as We Knew It
392The Face of Jesus and Other SermonsOliver Greensermons
393The Five Love Languages for SinglesDr. Gary Chapmanrealationships
394The Gift of GivingWatts
395The Glorious Journey: Insight, Encouragement and Guidance for Your Walk of FaithCharles Stanley
396The Glory of ChristmasCharles Swindoll & Max Lucado
397The God Catchers: Experiencing the Manifest Presence of GodTommy Tenney
398The God Makers: what the mormon church really believesDecker and Huntreligions and cults
399The God Portal: How to Step Out of Your  Past and Into Your God-Ordained FutureMark Furlong
400The God Who Hung on the CrossDois I. Rosser Jr. & Ellen Vaughn
401The Good News BibleHolman
402The Gospel of LukeWilliam BarclayBible study
403The Gospel of Matthew vol 1William BarclayBible study
404The Gospel of Matthew vol 2William BarclayBible study
405The Gospel Reloaded: Exploring Spirituality and Faith in the MatrixChris Seay & Greg Garrett
406The Grace Awakening: Bible study guideCharles Swindollbible study
407The Grace Card: Discover the Power of Giving and Receiving Grace – Study Guide
408The Great AdventureWomen Of Faith
409The Great House of God: A Home for Your HeartMax Lucado
410The GuardianBeverly Lewis
411The Hat Box: Putting on the Mind of ChristPatsy Clairmont
412The Heart of a Great PastorLondon and Wisemangrowth in ministry
413The Hidden RiverStorm
414The Hole in our Gospel:What does God expect of us?Richard Stearns
415The Holy Longing: The Search for a Christian SpiritualityRonald Rolheiser
416The I want to be: becoming God’s best version of youJohn Ortbergchristian living
417The Interpreter’s Bible – Luke, JohnAbingdoe?
418The Jesus I Never KnewPhilip YanceyBible study
419The Journey of the Beatitudesbible study
420The Journey: How to Live by Faith in an Uncertain WorldBilly Graham
421The Joy of Listening to GodJoyce Huggett
422The Language of Love: A Powerful Way to Maximize Insight, Intimacy, and UnderstandingGary Smalley & John Trent, Ph.D.
423The Last BrideBeverly Lewis
424The Leters of John and JudeWilliam BarclayBible study
425The Letters of James and PeterWilliam BarclayBible study
426The Letters to the Galatians and EphesiansWilliam Barclay
427The Letters to the Philipians, Colossians, ThessaloniansWilliam BarclayBible study
428The Life Giving Church: Empowering Believer’s to be Jesus’ Hands in the WorldTed Haggard
429The Life of ChristRalph M. Riggs
430The Living BibleBible
431The Living New Testament
432The Magic Never Ends: The Life and Work of C.S. LewisJohn Duncan
433The Miracle of Mercy study guideWarrenbible study
434The Moody Handbook of TheologyPaul Ennstheology
435The New Breed: volunteer ministryMckeeVolunteer Ministry
436The New English BibleOxford Cambridge
437The New Evidence that Demands a Verdict  vols 1 and 2Josh McDowellapologetics
438The New Oxford Annotated Bible with apocrypha (RSV)Bible
439The New Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the BibleConcordance
440The New Testament in Four VersionsBible
441The NIV standard Lesson Commentary: Sunday school lessons 2003-2004teaching
442The Parables of JesusJoachim JeremiasBible study
443The Passion for SoulsOswald Smithdevotional
444The Plan of Life: Gospel of John NASBBible
445The Power of Christmas PrayerStormie Omartian
446The Power of Knowing GodKay Arthur
447The Prayer of Jabez Bible StudyBruce Wilkinson  
448The Prayer of Jabez Bible Study: Breaking Through to the Blessed LifeBruce Wilkinson
449the Purpose Driven ChurchRick Warrenchristian living
450The Purpose Driven LifeRick WarrenChristian living
451The Purpose Driven Life: JournalRick Warrenchristian living
452The Pursuit of GodA.W. Tozerchristian living
453The Revelation of John vol 1William BarclayBible study
454The Revelation of John vol 2William BarclayBible study
455The Road God WalksGermaine Copeland
456The Road Home: A Modern Retelling of Ruth’s Ancient StoryTommy Tenney & Mark Andrew Olsen
457The Root of the RighteousA.W. Tozerchristian living
458The Screwtape LettersC. S. Lewisspiritual warfare
459The Secret of Soul WinningStephen F. Olford
460The Secret: how to live with purpose and powerBill Brightchristian living
461The Seduction of Christianity: Spiritual Discernment in the Last DaysHunt & McMahon
462The Sermon on the Mount: Daring to Be DifferentStuart BriscoeBible study
463The Seven Checkpoints : principles every teenager needs to knowAndy StanleyYouth Ministry
464The Shoe Box: Walking in the SpiritPatsy Clairmont
465The Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Error: World ReligionsSteven Coryreligions and cults
466The Spirit-Filled Christian: design for discipleship book 2Navigatorsdiscipleship
467The Spiritual Journal: devotionaldevotional
468The Strong FamilyCharles SwindollFamily
469The Success JourneyJohn Maxwell
470The Tattered QuiltWanda E. Brunstetter
471The Ten Commandments: Playing by the RulesStuart Briscoe
472The Ten Commandments: The Significance of God’s Law in Everyday LifeDr. Laura Schlessinger
473The Top 12 Resources Youth Workers WantYouth Ministry
474The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial FitnessDave Ramsey
475The Treasure Principle: Unlocking  the Secret to Joyful GivingRandy Alcorn
476The Two Doors of Heaven: A Story of Your FutureJohn Bolin
477The Uniqueness of Jesus
478The Unusual Suspect: My Calling to the New Hardcore Movement of FaithStephen Baldwin & Mark Tabb
479The Useful ProverbsMillerdevotional
480The Vision: A terrifying prophesy of DOOMSDAY that is happening  NOW!David Wilkerson
481The WaitingSuzanne Woods Fisher
482The Word of the Cross: A Contemporary Theology of EvangelismLewis A. Drummond
483The Word, The Name, The BloodJoyce Meyer
484The World’s Greatest Collection of Clean JokesPhillipsJokes
485There is More: When the World Says You Can’t: God Says You CanBrian Houston
486They Thought for Themselves: ten amazing JewsSid Rothbible study
487This Side of HeavenKaren KingsburyChristian Novel
488Through Gates of SplendorElisabeth Elliot
489Timothy and titus for small groupsPete Sommerbible study
490TouchedBy The Fire: Luke/Acts in the Today’s English Version
491Toward an Old Testament TheologyWalter Kaisertheology
492Traveling LightMax Lucadochritian living
493Tribulation Force: The Continuing Drama of Those Left BehindTim LaHaye & Jerry B. Jenkins
494Turning Hurts into Halos and Scars Into StarsRoert H.Schuller
495Turning to GodBarclay
496Unexpected GraceSheila Walsh
497Uniting Church and Home: A Blueprint for Rebuilding Church CommunityEric WallaceChristian living
498UnlockedKaren KingsburyChristian Novel
499Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Wordsbible study
500Volunteer trainingministry
501Walking with Christ in the Details of LifePatrick M. MorleyChristian living
502Walking with Christ: design for discipleship book 3Navigatorsdiscipleship
503What Does God Expect of Us? The Hole in  our Gospel: The Answer That Changed My Life and Might Just Change The WorldRichard Stearns
504What Happens When  Women PrayEvelyn Christenson
505What I Know Now: Letters to My Younger Self – Extraordinary Women Share the Wisdom They Wish They’d Had When They Were YoungerEllyn Spragins  – Editor
506What is the Father Like? A Devotional Look at How God Cares for His ChildrenW. Phillip Keller
507What the Bible is all aboutHenrietta Mearsbible study
508What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Say: Helping in Times of CrisisMary Ann Froehlich & Peggy Sue Wells
509When Christ Comes: the beginning of the very bestMax Lucado
510When the World Goes BoomCaldwell
511When Your Rise Up: home schoolingR.C. Sproul Jr.teaching
512Whisper a Prayer for Moms
513Who’s Who Among Bible WomenPeggy Musgrove
514Why a Manger? Bodie & Brock Thoene
515Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man’s SoulJohn Eldredge
516Winning with PeopleJohn Maxwellleadership
517Wonderful Names of Our Wonderful Lord
518World ReligionsHalversonreligions and cults
519You are engaged in The Battle for the Mind a subtle warfareTim LaHaye  
520Your life in Christ: design for discipleship book 1Navigatorsdiscipleship

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