This class is a great resource for married and dating couples. Make your marriage the kind of godly love story that turns friends and skeptics into believers.
It will teach you things you’ll wish you had learned a long time ago, and it will remind you of things you have known but let slide. Topics include:

  • How to keep conversations going and get through to your partner
  • Ways to overcome differences
  • How to keep money from dividing you
  • Which attitudes change everything
  • Attitudes that make all the difference
  • Your partner’s specific needs
  • Common stages of marriage
  • And much more

To make it easier for you to schedule, we have arranged the sessions in one full weekend rather than spreading it out over a series of weeks. The weekend schedule includes:

  • Friday 7‑10pm
  • Saturday 8:30am–5pm
  • Sunday 9am–12:30pm

We’re offering the class three times in 2020.

  • March 6–8
  • July 10–12
  • TBA (Probably November 6–8)

Room C215


Register for the July 10–12 Class

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