The mission of Grace Church is to build a New Testament community of fully devoted Jesus-followers.

We do this through our Grace strategy.

G row spiritually
R each people
A ct out our faith
C onnect in community
E xalt God

daring faith

As you start down this path, prayer will be the most important thing you can do. Throughout this campaign you’ll find encouragement to rely on God’s power through prayer. Prepare with prayer, plan with prayer, and implement with prayer. Without prayer, this campaign will be nothing more than several weeks of religious activities. When you and spend time on your knees before God, his life-changing power will guide your every step and make these some of the most important days as a church family.


The idea behind Gift of Grace is to remind someone that they are loved and thought-of, that they are not alone! Also, let’s witness and share Pastor Steve’s messages and our amazing church family with others.

Join us LIVE

 Join us for one of our weekend services to hear this weekend’s message. Sunday’s at 9 am or 11 am. We are online as well. You can find us on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram!


 We are a group of volunteer missionaries that travel to Haiti. The group focuses on different ministries in Haiti.

The team helps children in orphanages and schools, also highlighting medical needs and building projects and more.


 Find upcoming events and more by clicking the link below and make sure to like our Facebook page to receive updates and announcements.

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